China’s textile industry faces poor export growth

The clothing and textile industry is still facing a grim export situation, as the sector saw only slight growth in the first three quarters, an industry expert said Thursday.

Data from the China Textile Industry Association showed that the sector’s total export volume grew by 1.04 percent to 192.69 billion U.S. dollars in the first nine months of the year.

Gao Yong, the association’s vice president, said at a national textile conference held on Thursday that China’s shares in major overseas markets have dropped in spite of overall export growth.

“We need to more rationally analyze the indigenous problems confronting the industry,” Gao said.

The textile and clothing industry should update its technology to enhance product quality and foster influential brands in response to the impact of external factors, including rising labor cost and material prices and dampened overseas demand, the association said in a report.

“The association will intensify training and technological upgrades for clothing and textile producers in an effort to improve product quality,” Gao said.


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