Zongshen Power marches towards general aviation

Chongqing Zongshen General Power Machines Co., Ltd. will acquire 10% of the stocks of Beijing HATC Science and Technology Co., Ltd. with 10 million yuan, according to Zongshen Company on November 7. Considering the company’s achievements in general aviation, it is believed that Zongshen Company is laying a foundation for entering general aviation industry.

Zongshen Company has been planning to enter general aviation since years ago and becoming a stockholder of HATC Company will help it implement the plan.

It is believed that the low-altitude airspace in China will be open to public use in 2013, which means there may be a boom in domestic general aviation with an expected annual output value of more than 30 billion yuan in 2015. And that seems to be a great opportunity for Zongshen Company, who is seeking for transformation and promotion in traditional manufacture now.

Kuang Zhou

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