Development of China’s Foreign Trade Studied and Analyzed in Chenzhou

Over 200 officials from China’s Ministry of Commerce and the 35 provinces in our country came together at the National Business System Policy Research Work Conference in Chenzhou City from November 5-7 to analyze the current status of China’s business sector and to discuss the next stage of development as relates to issues of foreign trade.

Li Rongcan, assistant to the Minister of the Commerce Ministry indicated that at such an extremely important and particular stage in exporting, we must bear in mind two aspects when considering developing China’s foreign trade: external “lack” and internal “rising”, which means lack of power in foreign economies and rising costs in China.

What’s more, many experts stressed that the traditional comparative advantages of China are changing and the resource environment faces greater restraints. In addition, China is on the tail end of the “Demographic Bonus” and will never again have the internal conditions that have recently highly accelerated foreign trade.

Huang Juan

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