Chinese-language Learners Take the HSK in Indonesia

The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) was successfully held at Ma Chung University in Indonesia on November 4. The exam was organized by teachers dispatched from Hunan Normal University.

238 Chinese-language learners from Indonesian universities, senior and junior high schools as well as other various circles of society in Malang sat for the exam.

Yu Yuexiang, a student from Ma Chung University, has always had a “China dream”. She stated that no matter what the result of her level four test, she is determined to earn a “language passport” to China.

61-year-old Kankioknio, who took the level three test, said that since her daughter-in-law is Chinese and her grandson is able to speak Chinese, she is eager to learn Chinese language for better communication with them.

According to Drs. Johanesslamet, a 57-year-old English teacher at an Indonesian senior high school, “Taking the HSK reflects my love for Chinese. I’m also taking a Chinese training course with the hope of improving my Chinese level”.

Zhang Minsi

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