50 Experts Discuss Improving Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Knowledge and Management

The Expert Symposium on Painting and Calligraphy Knowledge and Management opened in Changsha on November 6. Co-hosted by the China Art Science and Technology Institute and Hunan Provincial Culture Department, the meeting was attended by more than 50 domestic and overseas painting and calligraphy experts.

Attending members proposed different methods and strategies to make up for the contemporary lack of knowledge of painting and calligraphy,and of an organized management system.

Their suggestions focused on solutions for enhancing awareness and knowledge of painting and calligraphy, perfecting the Chinese artwork management system, improving the ecological environment of Chinese painting and calligraphy, and promoting the development and prosperity of this art.

Experts agreed that the bright future of Chinese painting and calligraphy can’t merely hinge on enthusiasm and passion.

The study of painting and calligraphy is a science while and management in this field is a profession. Both of them are needed to guide the sound development of the art in a scientific manner.

Guo Yan

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