China urges new Libyan government to promote political transition

China on Wednesday called on the new Libyan government to rally its people to promote political transition in order to achieve national stability and prosperity.

The statement came as Wang Min, China’s deputy permanent representative to the UN, addressed an open UN Security Council meeting where Fatou Bensouda, chief of the International Criminal Court (ICC), made her briefing on the situation in Libya.

“The establishment of the new Libyan government signifies a new step of the political transition process in the country”, said Wang. “China welcomes this.”

The formulation of the new Libyan government have paved ways for the elections next year, he said. “It is also of positive significance for the efforts of the Libyan people to achieve national stability, proceed with national reconciliation and undertake economic reconstruction.”

Ali Zaidan, a former diplomat, was elected as Libyan prime minister in mid-October after a vote in the national congress of Libya and was tasked with forming his cabinet in 15 days. The congress agreed last Wednesday on the formation of the government of 30 ministers proposed by Zaidan.

China hopes the Libyan new government to rally the entire nation, actively promote the political transitional process based on transition roadmap and timetable with a view to achieving long- term stability and prosperity at an early date, Wang said, reiterating the international community should continue to assist the Libyan new government and its people in such efforts.

Wang also said China’s position on ICC remains unchanged.

“We hope that the relevant actions taken by the ICC in accordance with the Security Council’s resolutions could play a constructive role in promoting Libya’s transition and reconstruction process,” Wang added.


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