Taiwan government congratulates Obama on re-election

Taiwan government conveyed its congratulations to U.S. President Barack Obama on his re-election as soon as the results were known, according to Presidential Office spokesman Fan Chiang Tai-chi Nov. 7.

“President Ma Ying-jeou extended congratulations on behalf of the people and government of the ROC,” Fan Chiang said.

“The president noted how over the last four years under Obama’s leadership, the robust and friendly relations between Taipei and Washington have reached a 30-year high,” he added.

Separately, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that Taiwan-U.S. mutual trust, exchanges of all types, dialogue and cooperation have reached new levels under the current administration.

Taiwan was admitted to the U.S. Visa Waiver Program in November, for example, a development that is bound to enhance economic, tourism, culture and academic exchanges, further strengthening bilateral ties, the ministry said.

The ROC government is confident that the Obama administration, on the basis of the Taiwan Relations Act and “six assurances,” will continue to work with the ROC to maintain stability in the Taiwan Strait and peace in the Asia-Pacific region, which are crucial to the interests of both nations, the MOFA said.

“Our government is committed to further close cooperation with the U.S. under President Obama, to strengthen ties and promote peace, freedom, human rights and democracy worldwide,” the ministry said.

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