China must advance political reform according to national reality

A spokesman said Wednesday that he believes the Chinese people will enjoy greater democracy in the future as the country proceeds with reform of the political system, but political restructuring should be advanced according to national conditions.

“We can be sure about the advancement of political structural reform in China, people’s democracy will be expanded, socialist rule of law will continue to improve and the democratic rights enjoyed by the Chinese people will be broader and further substantiated and more effective,” spokesman Cai Mingzhao said at a press conference.

Calling political restructuring “an important part” of China’s comprehensive reform, Cai said the Communist Party of China (CPC) has always been placing political structural reform in an important position of the country’s overall reform.

When conducting political structural reform in China, the CPC has to take into consideration China’s national reality and unswervingly stick to the right path made by the Party and the people amid long-term practise.

“We should not be intimidated by any risk or be confused by any distraction,” added Cai, spokesman for the 18th CPC National Congress, which will open in Beijing on Thursday.

When asked about the intra-party construction at the 18th CPC National Congress, Cai said the CPC needs to keep pace with the times and improve intra-party democracy as intra-party democracy is the lifeline of the Party.

The 18th CPC National Congress is expected to further promote intra-Party democracy in accordance with the Party’s Constitution, guarantee the democratic rights of CPC members and enhance democratic construction at primary levels, Cai said.


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