Chongqing manufacture loan up 36.28 bln yuan in Jan-Sept

Benefiting from the optimized structure of credit investment which is in favor of the real economy, minor enterprise, agriculture and the people’s livelihood, Chongqing’s economy wins a steady healthy development in January-September 2012, according to Chongqing Operations Office of PBC on November 6.

In January-September 2012, manufacture, construction industry and wholesale and retail trade respectively won the top three in growth in corporate loans in RMB and foreign currencies in Chongqing. The growth of that of manufacture is 36.28 billion yuan, up 8.49 billion yuan from a year earlier.

Besides, 46,000 deals of small secured loan have been issued to promote social employment, helping 56,000 job-seekers, returned migrant workers and college graduates find jobs or start a business.

Kuang Zhou

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