ASEM summit closes in Vientiane

Asian and European leaders expressed on Tuesday their willingness to consolidate ties between the two continents in efforts to realize joint development as the Ninth Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit came to an end.

During two-day closed-door plenary sessions, ASEM leaders exchanged views on lessons learned, experiences, constructive ideas, initiatives as well as Asian vision in view of ensuring a quality and efficient growth of ASEM.

“This rich discussion reflected our responsibility and strong commitment to strengthen the partnership in order to achieve our ultimate goals, such as enhancing role of ASEM in the areas of peace, stability and development of the two continents as well as in the world at large,” Lao Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong said in his closing remarks.

Two documents — Vientiane Declaration on Strengthening Partnership for Peace and Development and Chairman’s Statement of the Ninth ASEM Summit — were issued at the end of informal dialogue participated by leaders from 51 ASEM members.

Established 17 years ago, the original goals of ASEM were to maintain and enhance peace and stability and to promote sustainable economic and social development.


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