China and Britan to co-foster “global citizen” in Chongqing

The training planning of “Global Citizen Cultivation” co-held by China and Britan was launched in Tiantaigang Primary School in Nan’an District, Chongqing on November 5. Chongqing will foster a batch of global citizens with global views and competitiveness among presidents, backbone teachers and student cadres from now on.

China and Britan signed an outline agreement on education cooperation in 2000 in order to promote the communication with each other and popularize the idea of “Global Citizen” among children and teenagers, as well as enlarge their knowledge and skills about global working and living.

Officials of the Department of Culture and Education of the Consulate General of the UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Chongqing said that the training planning of “Global Citizen Cultivation” will follow the trend of education globalization, inviting expert teachers from China and England to teach students with domestic and overseas cases and helping presidents, teachers and students ponder over the interdependence among human and topics about the globalization, as well as the reason for the importance of educating Chinese students with global citizen education in the 21st century.

Kuang Zhou

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