Chongqing farmers’ income more than doubled in 10 years

The average income of farmers in Chongqing increased to 6,480 yuan in 2011 from 2,098 yuan in 2002 with an annual growth of 13.3%, according to Chongqing Agriculture Commission.

The data revealed by NBS (National Bureau of Statistics) Survey Office in Chongqing show that in 2011, the average farmer income from wages was 2,894 yuan, 2,111 yuan more than that in 2002 with a growth of 2.7 times and an annual growth of 15.6%. Income from wages has done a contribution with a ratio of 48.2% to the growth of farmer income.

In the past decades, income of farmers mostly depends on income in kind. Nowadays, farmers in Chongqing are gradually involved in the global commercialized production along with a sharp increase in income. According to the survey data, the average cash income of farmers was 5,479 yuan in 2011, accounting for 84.6% of rural per capita net income. The monetization of farmer income is increasing as well as the ability to dispose income, promoting the transformation of income growth pattern and consumption mode.

Kuang Zhou

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