Famous Marques Displayed in Changsha, Hunan for the First Time

The First Hunan Top Marques (2012) was unveiled in Changsha on November 2.

Director of the Changsha Municipal Administration of Industry & Commerce Chen Yuewen stated that the Top Marques is a show of famous products, a stage for Hunan small and medium-sized enterprises to show their power, as well as a reveal of Hunan entrepreneurs’ taste.

Ferrari FF, which was officially unveiled in Geneva Auto Show in March 2011, was also exhibited at the show. It is the most powerful four-seat roadster with the most functions.

Compared with luxury automobiles, rare and precious calligraphy and paintings are always one of the most important exhibitions at the top marques. “Rich man with 300 lithographic printings”, the most favorite private printing of Qi Baishi worth about 4 million yuan, is one of the most eye-catching highlights. Additionally, the exhibition also contains the high-end furniture New World Home, British Wedgwood Royal Porcelain, the extremely precious cordyceps sinensis “Jicao” and Bib’art red wine.

Wang Rong

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