2012 Cross-Strait Shennong Cultural Forum Held in Yanling County

On November 3, the 2012 Cross-Strait Shennong (Emperor Yan) Cultural Forum was held in Yanling County, Zhuzhou City. Over 800 experts, scholars and representatives of all works of life from across the Taiwan Strait attended the forum.

A heated discussion on exploring the spirit of Emperor Yan and promulgating Shennong Culture (Culture of Emperor Yan) was conducted among the cross-Strait scholars present at the forum. They revealed the essence of the profound culture via detailed historical data, rigorous argumentation, unique insights and vivid descriptions, thus offering the audiences a brilliant cultural feast.

It was agreed that efforts should be taken to carry forward Emperor Yan’s perseverant, pioneering, innovative, enterprising and dedicative spirit-the core of Chinese national spirit.

Li Xuan

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