YNETDZ Facilitates Strategic Emerging Industries via Technological and Financial Support

Since approval of a national economic development zone by the State Council on March 21, 2010, Yueyang National Economic & Technical Development Zone (YNETDZ) has decisively started a new undertaking. It strives to foster the development of emerging industries of strategic importance via introducing large and competitive companies and attracting an annual investment of more than 5 billion RMB. The zone is also committed to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries by facilitating technological innovation and setting up special funds in this regard. 21 programs have been expedited, including development environment optimizing, roads expanding and upgrading, comprehensive treatment of Wangjia River, and the introduction of international hotels.

Up till now, over 50 emerging industrial enterprises of strategic importance have settled in YNETDZ, involving 7 prioritized industries of Hunan, namely, advanced manufacturing, new materials, new energy, cultural creation, biological industry, information industry, and energy-conservation and environmental protection.

Chen Bing

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