Chongqing’s housing price edges up

The average price of the newly built houses in China’s 100 cities reached 8,768 yuan per square meter in October 2012, up 0.17% month on month, according to the report of “China Real Estate Index System Price Index of 100 Cities in October 2012”, issued by China Index Academy on November 1, 2012.

The report showed that the average housing price of urban Chongqing stood at 6,542 yuan per square meter in October 2012, up 0.12% compared with that of September.

Data from Chongqing’s online real estate trading also showed that the trading volume of Chongqing’s commercial houses enjoyed a sharp month-on-month increase from October 22 to 28, 2012.

The trading area of the urban Chongqing’s commercial houses hit 543,800 square meters (5,820 commercial house) from October 22 to 28, with 77,700 square meters per day (about 831 commercial houses).

Ren Qiao

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