Chinese community in Spain “very well integrated”: Spanish minister

The Spanish Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Gonzalo de Benito Secades on Friday said the impression Spain had of the local Chinese community was very positive.

“It is a community that is respected by the Spanish. Made up of 170,000 people, there is a belief they are very hardworking and well-integrated in Spain with their children studying at Spanish schools,” he added.

Secades’ comments came days after after a major police operation codenamed “Operation Emperor,” where 80 people were arrested across the country, charged in a money laundering scheme worth 1.2 billion euros (1.5 billion U.S dollars). A total of 53 people in custody, including the gang kingpin, were reported to be Chinese.

In statements to the Chinese press in Madrid, the secretary of state highlighted that the Chinese community in Spain “made a positive contribution to the Spanish economy and the progress of the country.”

“We very much want to show this positive impression that we all have in Spain, as well as within the government and the ministry,” Secades said, adding the country would continue working to improve bilateral relations.


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