Hunan Establishes Friendly Ties with Over 20 Countries Around the Globe

As of September this year, Hunan has established friendly ties with over 20 countries throughout the world. The province has established sister city relationship with 64 cites, friendly cooperation relationship and friendly economic and trade partnership with over 40 cities, sister city intention relationship with over 20 cities, and friendship with over 400 international colleges and universities. A series of landmark brands have been gradually formed by the “sister cities” in the fields of trade and economy, education and culture.

With Hunan’s economic and social development and acceleration of Hunan-based enterprises’ “going global”, the exchange and cooperation between Hunan and other countries has been strengthened. Enterprises, colleges and universities, as well as research institutes play important roles for international communication. In addition, Hunan has joined several international non-government organizations, including the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and the Association of North East Asia Government. With the joint efforts of government, non-government organizations, enterprises and colleges, Hunan’s international sister cities are playing a significant role in intensifying international exchange and promoting its scientific development and opening up.

Wang Xiaolu

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