Former Chinese vice premier’s new book launched in London

The English edition of “Works of Art by Li Lanqing: Chinese Seals and Calligraphy” was launched here on Wednesday afternoon in the Millennium Hotel in London Mayfair.

The book, jointly published by Macmillan Publishers Limited, Higher Education Press, and Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, contains images of 461 seals and some calligraphy by the former Chinese vice premier.

Su Yuheng, president of China’s Higher Education Press, noted that this book was different from traditional art catalogue. “It carried poetry, paintings, photos, illustrations and descriptions as supplement to the seals, which could give readers a general picture of China’s traditional art, as well as culture and history,” he said.

Li, also a former member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, has been dedicated to the popularization of Chinese culture and art since his retirement in 2003.

“In seal cutting, Li had some innovation in the content, style and material,” said Fan Di’an, dean of the National Art Museum of China.

“His works showed the aesthetic knowledge and cultural interest of Chinese leaders,” he said.

Andrea Rose, director of visual arts at the British Council, believed that the innovation “showed how ancient art was invigorated,” while Simon Allen, chief executive of Macmillan Education, expressed the hope to introduce more Chinese artists to Britain.

The Chinese Embassy in Britain, the National Art Museum of China and the British Museum will hold an exhibition on Li’s seal cutting works, which will run from Thursday to Jan. 15, 2013, in the British Museum in London.


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