Hunan’s Exchange with Australia and New Zealand Promoted

A delegation of overseas Chinese officials serving the governments of Australia and New Zealand arrived in Hunan on October 28 for a friendly visit.

The delegation led by Dai Honghui, representative of Western Australia, consists of 12 overseas Chinese representatives from state and city levels, including mayors and officials from Australian and New Zealand governments. This visit aims to deepen their friendship with Hunan and their understanding of Huxiang culture. They also plan to gain an understanding of the province’s current social and economic development situation in a drive to enhance cooperation and strengthen ties between the province and the two countries.

The contracted investment of the 19 Hunan-based enterprises in Australia amounts to 5.503 billion USD. One of these companies, Valin Steel, spent 830 million USD on the acquisition of FMG’s equity interest in 2008.

Guo Yan

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