CPC’s Qiushi Journal calls for confidence in China’s future

Qiushi Journal, the flagship magazine of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, will carry an article in its Thursday issue expressing confidence in the country’s future.

“There are ample reasons for us to have high expectations and confidence in the future development of our country,” says the article.

The CPC and Chinese people will keep their words and fulfill established goals, it says.

The article quotes a July 23rd speech delivered by CPC Central Committee General-Secretary Hu Jintao, who said China now faces both unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

The country’s ability to seize opportunities and handle challenges will depend on “our mindset, the effectiveness of our work and how we push reform and development forward,” the article says.

“We should carefully examine the domestic and international situation and fully understand our country’s developmental needs and expectations of people,” it says.

China’s economic dynamics have not changed, the article says, adding that economic restructuring will provide more chances for development, while domestic demand will sustain long-term growth.

Under the guidance of the Scientific Outlook on Development, China’s development is on the upswing, the article says.

The country will stick to reform and opening-up, as these concepts have resulted in more than three decades of rapid economic growth, it says.

Once the reforms listed in the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) are implemented, problems in economic and social sectors will be solved or alleviated, the article says.

“We firmly believe that, under the leadership of the CPC and through the joint efforts of the Party and people, we will walk along the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics and have a bright future,” it says.


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