Southwest Aluminum Group boosts high-speed railway construction

The Southwest Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd. (SWA), depending on its research and development strength in aluminum alloy material, has successfully developed dedicated aluminum products for high-speed rail such as the sound barrier and die forging for axle box body of aluminum alloy, according to SWA days ago. These made-in-Chongqing products will be of great first-strike help to boost the construction of China’s high-speed railway.

SWA cooperated with Chongqing colleges and universities to develop a new model of die forging with new specifications for the axle box body in 2010. This move came after the success of the first such model of SWA in 2008. The two models will respectively serve as a part in the body of high-speed trains with a speed of 300 kilometers per hour and a speed of 350 kilometers per hour.

Besides, the sound barrier of SWA was also applied in the construction of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway.

SWA signed orders demanding more than 10,000 tons of sound barriers since 2010 and it is currently delivering these products. The company also succeeded in the development of industrial aluminum products like the structural slab and interior decorative plate for the high-speed train.

SWA has so far delivered 23 varieties of special aluminum products with over 300 tons to Chongqing Rail Transit Group.

Tan Jiangang

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