2012 China (Changsha) Science and Technology Trade Fair Focuses Cross-strait Cooperation

2012 China (Changsha) Science and Technology Trade Fair attracted a Taiwan delegation consisting of representatives from more than 40 enterprises, universities, science and technology service agencies and investment institutions.

At the cross-strait science and technology cooperation promotion fair on October 29, the delegation exhibited series of technological achievements applicable to Changsha’s industries especially electronic information, new energy, new material, bio-pharmacy and modern agriculture sectors. Taiwan Userstar Information Co. Ltd. and Changsha Surpassing Robatization Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement on R&D and promotion of Phonekey Club anti-counterfeit electronic lock. Eight members of Taipei Chinese Career Development Committee (CCDC) also participated in the fair and displayed their achievements in science, technology, finance, culture and media.

According to director of CCDC, Taiwan enterprises give full play to the supportive role of culture and financial services in the development of science and technology. Some sci-tech companies in electronic information and bio-engineering are said to be leaders on the island.

Guo Yan

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