Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone Reinforces Environmental Protection

Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone (CETZ) plans to invest 36.9 million yuan into denitrogenation and dephosphorization process renovation project of Xingsha Sewage Plant, aiming to ensure the quality of treated waste water at the zone reach national primary standard A.

In 2008, CETZ pioneered the launch of national demonstrative eco-industrial park in central China and proposed to create win-win results for economic development and environmental protection. Since then, measures have been intensified to urge enterprises in the zone to save energy and reduce emission through clean production. In just two years, four enterprises with high energy-consumption and a total investment of over 3 billion yuan were ordered to move out, contributing to annual reduction of COD emissions by 203 tones and chlorine dioxide emissions by 74 tones.

Guo Yan

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