Chongqing releases overall planning on Yuelai Eco-town

Chongqing deliberated and passed the Overall Plan on Yuelai Eco-Town on 29 October, 2012.

According to the plan, the eco-town is oriented as a comprehensive, ecological and livable community, focusing on high-quality residence, and supplemented by urban functions, namely, business services, commercial offices, science and technology R&D, leisure and recreation, etc.

The Yuelai eco-town covers an overall floorage of 3.15 million square meters, including 2.37 million square meters of construction area for living(among which, 360,000 square meters are used for the construction of supporting facilities). Commercial services facilities take up 19 hectares, and the total building area for these facilities covers 450,000 square meters.

The core idea for the planning of the Yuelai eco-town is TOD (Transit-oriented Development), centering on high-capacity public transit hubs. The aim is to build the eco-town into a compact and pedestrian-friendly community by integrating the use of land, improving the land use intensity, promoting the efficiency of land use, and increasing the utilization of public transportation.

In addition, the overall plan emphasizes on providing multiple ways of traveling, offering favorable environment and conditions for the use of bicycles or e-bikes within a certain range.

Wang Yanni

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