Chongqing to promote development of sasanqua industry

Chongqing will take incentive measures to promote the development of sasanqua industry from 2013, with 50,000-80,000 mu of sasanqua planted per year and 1 million mu in total by 2020, increasing farmers’ incomes.

Chongqing must spare no efforts to boost the development of sasanque industry, which is just getting started, according to Du Shicai, chief engineer of Chongqing Forestry Administration.

“Specifically, there are three aspects,” said Du, the first one is the establishment of the “High-yield Cultivation Demonstration Park” and the “Low-yield Forest Improvement Demonstration Park”. Counties which plant sasanqua should build at least one high-yield cultivation demonstration park, with a scale of over 1,000 mu.

Fund is the second aspect. The city should encourage farmers to turn their lands into stocks so as to realize the win-win situation between enterprises and farmers.

The last one is the technical research of the key areas. Chongqing will organize research and development institutes, such as Chongqing Academy of Forestry, to make technical researches in the key areas of selective breeding of the improved seed, seedling breeding, high yield cultivation, product development, etc, providing advanced research & development achievements and technologies for the development of sasanqua.

Ren Qiao

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