Chongqing takes measures to ensure GDP growth rate of 13.5%

Chongqing should focus on major projects to ensure the growth of investment, factors to promote the development of industries, policies to expand consumption, and reform to improve people’s livelihood in the 4th quarter of 2012, so as to realize the annual GDP growth rate of 13.5% set in early 2012, according to Chongqing Development and Reform Commission on October 26, 2012.

Approval of 4 projects

Chongqing will promote the investment growth to get the 4 projects, with a total investment of 131.5 billion yuan, approved in 2012.

The city will also speed up the preparation of projects like light aircraft, iron smelting, etc., as well as the planning and exploration of shale gas.

Newly-launched projects

Chongqing will implement the cooperation with China Development Bank, the Agricultural Bank of China, etc. to add an annual loan of 250 billion yuan, speed up the construction of projects like Hankook tyres.

The newly-launched projects such as SGMW mini-cars realized an industrial investment of 300 billion yuan.

Trial Run of Chongqing-Kungming-Burma-Vietnam International Container Railway

The city will strive to put 3 trains on Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe International Railway into operation every week, add more Chongqing-Shenzhen, Chongqing-Shanghai, Shanghai-Chongqing trains, and start the trial tun of Chongqing-Kunming-Burma-Vietnam International Container Railway.

Standardization rate of grass-root medical institutions over 80%

Chongqing Development and Reform Commission (CDRC) will focus on the projects subsidized by the livelihood-related polices from the central government and raise the standardization rate of grass-root medical institutions to over 80% in 2012.

Besides, CDRC will keep working on the employment of graduates, transfer of rural labor force, immigrants from the Three Gorges Reservoir areas, people with difficulties in finding jobs, and resettlement of demobilized soldiers.

Liu Wei

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