Chongqing’s urbanization rate hits 55%

Chongqing Urban-Rural Development Commission revealed that the city’s urbanization rate hit 55% by the end of September 2012, ranking second in western China.

Statistics showed that, Chongqing had started the construction of more than 500,000 public rent apartments by the end of September.

In the main urban districts, over 2,400 dilapidated houses are renovated and rebuilt. Among the top ten business areas including Jiangbeizui, Hualongqiao, etc., nine areas are under comprehensive construction, or at a three-in-one stage of planning, relocation, and construction.

In terms of the construction of Socialist New Countryside, a total of 220,000 new houses in rural Chongqing had been completed, 2,400 new villages had been built, and 460,000 dilapidated houses had been renovated and rebuilt.

Meanwhile, the commission has set the goal of raising the city’s urbanization rate to 60% by 2015.

Zhou Kang

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