National Technology Research Center of Chongqing gets acceptance

The National Technology Research Center for Smelting Equipment and System Integration Engineering, constructed by CISDI Engineering Co. Ltd., was appraised and accepted by experts from the Ministry of Science and Technology days ago, according to Chongqing Science and Technology Commission on October 24, 2012.

The center was put into construction in 2009, receiving a total capital input of 430 million yuan.

It has made great breakthroughs in various fields, such as technology research and development, transformation of science and technology achievements, information and open services, and talents cultivation.

In technological research, the center has obtained more than 30 major technical achievements, filed for 394 patents, 144 patents for invention included.

This center has broken a number of technological monopolies of foreign countries, and exported multiple technologies related to energy-saving and environmental protection, generating a direct economic benefit of 7.4b yuan in three years.

As one of the first batch of national technology research centers run as an enterprise, the center has undertook more than 60 major steelmaking projects successively, and provided industrialized and engineering services.

Its technological achievements cover 25% of the related businesses in China, producing an output value of 270 billion yuan.

Wang Yanni

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