Chongqing’s electronics industry eyes rapid development

Chongqing Economy and Informatization Commission unveiled the city’s economic development situation in the first three quarters of 2012.

Statistics showed that from January to September, the share of Chongqing’s auto and motorcycle industries declined to 26%, while the electronics industry continued to increase and hit a record of 16%, marking that Chongqing is diversifying its industrial structure and has formed a rational and balanced industrial structure.

The city’s auto and motorcycle sectors have dominated the its industry for quite a long time. Whereas, the rapid development of laptop industry and other emerging industries has brought radical changes to the industrial structure .

The proportion of the electronics industry registered at a record high of 16% in the first nine months while the auto and motorcycle industries fell to 26% (in which the auto industry took up 18%), lower than the 27.9% in the first half of this year.

Besides, other pillar industries such as equipment, biomedicine, materials, energy and light textile accounted for 10%, 8%, 16%, 9% and 15% respectively.

The common development of the diversified “six plus one” industries (above-mentioned industries) will help Chongqing’s industry tackle with greater impact.

This industrial structure, a relatively sophisticated one in the city’s history of industrial development, serves as a major driving force for the city’s industrial economic growth in this rather sluggish economy.

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