Chongqing seeks solutions for technical problems of shale gas development

Christine A Ehlig-Economides, professor of A&M University, member of the National Academy of Engineering of the National Academics and National Academy of Sciences of America, was invited as the sci-tech resources consultant of Chongqing Municipal Government at the Technical Forum of the Shale Gas Development of Chongqing held on October 23, 2012.

She will provide solutions for Chongqing on the technical problems during the shale gas development.

Chongqing is one of the abundant shale gas areas. Its reserve volume and recoverable resource potential both rank the third nationwide. However, the city lacks related techniques of the shale gas exploration and development.

Schlumberger & Chongqing China Shale Gas Technical Service Co., Ltd. was jointly built by Chongqing Administration of Land, Resources and Housing and Schlumberger (Singapore) Oilfield Co., Ltd. in September 2012 so as to provide technical service for the exploration and development of the shale gas.

Christine A Ehlig-Economides expressed that she would invite more experts to help the shale gas exploration and development of Chongqing. In addition, Chongqing also spares no efforts to solve the problems during the shale gas development. “Indeed, some core techniques are hard to solve, but colleges and universities, including Chongqing University, Chongqing University of Science & Technology, etc. have already started the researches,” said Zeng Chunlin, an expert of the Chongqing Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources.

Ren Qiao

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