Cross-strait biomedical cooperation on fast track

Cross-strait biomedical cooperation took another step forward Oct. 23 with the naming of Fuzhou and Xiamen in mainland China as possible test sites for clinical trials of Taiwan-developed products.

Under the proposal, which was drafted by Taiwan and mainland China, Fuzhou is to test skin care products and medical devices, while Xiamen will focus on Chinese medicines and health foods.

Wu Shiou-ing, deputy director-general of the ROC Food and Drug Administration, said the decision further opens the door in mainland China for Taiwan-made biomedical products.

“Taiwan and mainland China have been keen on fast-tracking collaboration since the Cross-strait Cooperation Agreement on Medicine and Public Health Affairs was inked in December 2010,” she said.

According to Wu, FDA efforts to foster cross-strait biomedical tie-ups include setting up a promotion office last month to assist with pharmaceutical R&D, marketing programs and product certification.

FDA officials are also scheduled to meet with their counterparts from the other side of the strait in the mainland Chinese city of Chengdu, she said, adding that both sides will select new medicines for joint clinical trials and certification.

The trials are set to be held in three major mainland Chinese cities selected by Taipei City-based Center for Drug Evaluation.

“This is an exciting time for cross-strait biomedical cooperation that promises to lay the foundations for even greater collaboration between the two sides,” Wu said.

Meg Chang
Taiwan Today

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