China calls for strengthening authority, efficiency of UN General Assembly

China Thursday called on the United Nations General Assembly (GA) to further strengthen its authority and efficiency in order to better implement the mandate entrusted in the UN Charter.

Wang Min, China’s deputy permanent representative to the UN, made the statement as he addressed the 67th session of the General Assembly on the theme of “revitalization of the work of the organization”.

Wang said that revitalization of the GA concerns the fundamental interest of all member states with important and far- reaching influence on enhancing UN authority and reputation.

“The GA should, based on the development of the world situation and challenges in all areas faced by the UN, focus on discussing and dealing with major issues that are of common concerns of member states, especially those involve the vital interest of the developing countries,” he said. “The GA should also increase efforts and attention to the development issue in order to play a bigger role in promoting international development cooperation.”

Wang noted that the GA should enhance its division of work and coordination with organs such as the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council so that each can give full play of its own strength and step up information exchange and interaction.

China supports improving the GA working methods, simplifying its decision-making procedures and enhancing its efficiency. China also supports the strengthening of the GA president’s office in terms of man power and budget, particularly aimed at resolving actual difficulties faced by the developing countries when carrying out the function of the presidency, Wang said.

China is willing to work with other member states for positive progress on this agenda item of GA revitalization during this session of the GA, he added.


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