China invests 8.4 mln USD in Mozambique in first half of 2012

China invested 8.4 million U. S. dollars in the first half of this year, according to state television TVM.

The station said China surpassed South Africa to become No. 1 investor in Mozambique.

The Chinese investment mainly went to the areas of construction, road and bridge building and cement production.

China has built most of the new government buildings, such as the Joaquim Chissano International Conference Center, the Constitutional Court and High Courts and the ministries of foreign affairs and tourism.

The Asian country has also rehabilitated the Maputo International Airport, while planning to build a bridge over the Indian Ocean to link the capital Maputo and Katembe, involving more that 70 million dollars..

China is among others building Maputo’s circular roads to ease traffic jams the capital has been facing in the past years.


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