HK rescuers reveal details of deadly night

4 days have passed since a ferry crash in Hong Kong claimed at least 38 lives. A 3-day mourning is being held, with all government services suspended during the period. Meanwhile, details of the rescue operation are emerging. At a press conference, 13 rescuers described that tragic evening.

It started as just another ordinary night for the rescuer, standing by and waiting for emergency calls. Until a devastating ferry accident hit Hong Kong.

When Sergeant Lee Wai Him entered the ferry, he noticed that there were almost 50 passengers scattered around. Some were so terrified that they held tight to whatever they could reach, and wouldn’t let go.

Lee Wai Him, sergeant of task force, Hong Kong Marine Police, said, “I told them if they don’t loosen their grip, others will not able to get out of the sinking boat. Then I tried to calm them down, and told them, I can get them if they let go, otherwise, they will die.”


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