Taiwan Ministry of the Interior eases curbs on foreigners, mainland Chinese

Mainland Chinese spouses of ROC citizens no longer have to be fingerprinted every time they re-enter the country.

Taiwan Ministry of the Interior passed amendments to the Regulations Governing Visiting, Residency, and Permanent Residency of Aliens Sept. 27 in a move to enhance Taiwan’s competitiveness and attract more foreigners.

“The stipulation that white-collar workers in professional fields should leave within 15 days after their employment contract has ended has been relaxed to 90 days,” the MOI said in a news release.

“To increase incentives for foreigners to invest in Taiwan, aliens who have invested in government bonds worth NT$30 million (US$1 million) for three years will be granted permanent residency,” the ministry said.

Foreigners who have legally resided in Taiwan for five consecutive years, with each trip abroad under three months, will not have to submit health certificates or criminal records when applying for permanent residency, the MOI added.

Separately, to enhance private commercial exchanges between Taiwan and mainland China, the MOI loosened restrictions on the number of mainland Chinese businessmen that enterprises can invite to take part in local business activities.

According to the old regulation, firms established less than one year or with annual turnover under NT$10 million could invite no more than 50 mainland Chinese businessmen per year, the MOI said, noting that now these enterprises can invite up to 100 every year, while companies with annual turnover between NT$10 million and NT$50 million can invite 200.

“To make it more convenient for inbound mainland Chinese engaged in business negotiations, those who have come to Taiwan for such occasions three times or more within 12 months can apply for multiple entry and exit permits,” the ministry said.

In addition, mainland Chinese spouses of Taiwan nationals will not have to be fingerprinted to check their identities upon re-entering the nation, the MOI noted.

“Current regulations stipulate that mainland Chinese spouses applying to get together with their families in Taiwan must be fingerprinted every time they enter,” the MOI explained, noting that the amended law aims to bring more convenience. It will also apply to other mainland Chinese with special residence permits.

“But as plastic surgery has become more popular, fingerprinting will still be implemented when there is cause for doubt, as when a traveler’s appearance does not match document photos, or the visitor has a record of smuggling or identity fraud.”

Grace Kuo
Taiwan Today

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