Chinese mainland ships will protect Taiwan’s fishermen

The State Council Taiwan Affairs Office says Chinese vessels from the mainland will continue to conduct regular law enforcement patrols and fishery protection missions near waters off the Diaoyu Islands. The ships will provide services to both fishermen from across the Strait. Ai Yang has more.

The State Council Taiwan Affairs Office reiterated that it’s an unshakable duty and common responsibility for Chinese across the strait to safeguard territorial sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands. It is the interests of the entire nation.

Fan Liqing, spokeswoman of State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, said,”Fishermen from across the strait have every right to fish near waters of the Diaoyu Islands. Law enforcement vessels from the mainland have already and will continue to patrol in the adjacent waters to conduct regular law enforcement, and fishery protection missions. They will provide services to both people across the strait.”

The remarks came in response to reports that 75 fishing boats from Taiwan arrived in waters some 20 nautical miles away from the Islands early Tuesday. They were protected by 12 Taiwan coastguard vessels, as they tried to sail around the Islands in a move to enforce their fishing rights and protest Japan’s illegal purchase. Japanese vessels attempted to stop the boats with water cannons.

Fan Liqing said,”People from across the strait do not accept Japan’s island purchasing farce. Japan must correct its mistakes with realistic actions.”

Japan has sent its vice foreign minister Chikao Kawai to Beijing to disscuss the standoff, but there’s still no sign of tensions easing.

Ai Yang, Beijing said:”The Diaoyu Islands have been China’s territory since ancient times, and people across the strait have common recognition of this fact. Both sides have expressed with resolute actions that Japan’s illegal purchase will never be accepted by the Chinese people.”

cntv / Ai Yang

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