Chongqing remains focus of Ford’s “radical plan”

Ford’s Chongqing base will serve as a bridgehead for the company’s “radical plan” in China and Asia, said Joseph R. Hinrichs, group vice president and president, Asia Pacific and Africa of Ford Motor (China) Ltd., on September 23.

He said the third plant of Changan Ford in Chongqing which is planned to be completed in 2014 will become the company’s largest production base outside Detroit and the most important overseas base for Ford’s global strategy as well.

In 2001, Ford chose Chongqing as a destination to fulfill its important strategic decision, building plants in the emerging auto market of China.

It has since gradually grown into one of China’s most successful auto joint venture after 11 years’ continuous investment in building car-related plants in Chongqing.

While increasing investment in China and Asian market, Ford also put forward the “radical plan” after the financial crisis, centering on building new plants and adding to dealers in China.

Hinrichs noted the third plant of Changan Ford in Chongqing will mainly produce semi-high-end cars, which are expected to expand the market share and further enhance the overall status of made-in-Chongqing cars in domestic market.

Zhang Yi

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