Chongqing invests over 500 bln yuan in fixed assets

Chongqing maintains its steady momentum in fixed assets investment, having secured 534.999 billion yuan in Jan-Aug period with a year-on-year growth of 22.6%, according to Chongqing Statistics Bureau on September 19.

Distinction of investment growth was transparent as before across Chongqing during Jan-Aug period. “One-hour economic circle” and “Northeast Wing” experienced speedy growth in fixed assets investment (rural household investment excluded and the same below), each having gained 364.089 billion yuan and 92.473 billion yuan. Their investment increased by 23.7% and 28.9% respectively, 1.1 percentage point and 6.3 percentage point higher than the average growth rate in Chongqing. “Southeast Wing” continued its slack situation with completed investment of 38.399 billion, up 17.7%. This figure was lower than the average growth rate by 4.9 percentage point.

On top of that, industrial investment of Jan-Aug period in Chongqing sustained a rapid growth and hit 172.979 billion, 24.7 higher than the same period of 2011. Chongqing also completed an investment of 144.274 billion in infrastructure, a year-on-year rise of 30.2%.

Deng Jun

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