ANZ Bank helps Chongqing county develop pomelo industry

Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ Bank) carried out financial services focusing on the rural areas and the rural households to help Chongqing’s Liangping County expand local pomelo industry.

It is reported that ANZ Bank is the first Australian bank in Chongqing which goes into the rural area. It set up the first rural bank in China in Liangping County, Chongqing, and its Chongqing branch was officially founded in 2011.

A responsible person with ANZ Bank’s Chongqing branch said the Chongqing branch will adopt diversified competition strategy and speed up running businesses in Chongqing’s rural area.

The village bank in Liangping County drew on experiences from ANZ Bank’s services in the countryside in Australia and New Zealand. Then according to Liangping’s characteristics, the bank offered “ANZ Bank helps towards comparatively well-off road” Liangping pomelo program, injected special fund, recruited experts to pass on related skills, entrusted special institutions to provide packaging and planning ideas for Liangping pomelo as well as marketing training to expand the pomelo industry.

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