China claims success in patrolling Diaoyu Islands

Chinese surveillance ships are continuing to exercise the country’s jurisdiction over waters around the Diaoyu island and its affiliated islets. It’s a move that follows the country’s declaration of its territorial baselines on the area.

6 Chineses surveillance ships are continuing patrols around the Diaoyu islands. Officials said the the law enforcement in the waters has been successful.

Xiao Huiwu, Deputy Chief of China Marine Surveillance Headquarters, said, “Surveillance ships have claimed China’s jurisdiction over waters around Diaoyu islands, in accordance with the original plan.”

3 coast guard ships and 3 helicopters from Japan followed and monitored the Chinese ships, attempting to intercept China’s patrol activities last Friday.

But no confrontation between the two sides was reported.

Xiao said, “We warned them not to infringe on our sovereignty, and successfully drove them away. “The China Marine Surveillance began regular maritime patrol in 2006. It is now comprised of more than 300 boats and 9 oceanic surveillance planes.

The China surveillance flagship Number 50, which began patrolling Diaoyu islands waters back in March, is the most technically advanced surveillance ship in the country. It is equipped with helicopters, and can complete a full angle turnaround. Unlike Japan’s Coast Guard, China Marine Surveillance’s equipment is not equipped with heavy weapons.

Officials from China Marine Surveillance said the fleets will continue to patrol waters around the Diaoyu islands, and will step up law enforcement activities even fruther over the next several days.


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