Urbanization rate in Chongqing to reach 60%

Urban permanent population in Chongqing has reached 16.06 million by the end of 2011 with an urbanization rate of 55% in population, and the annual growth rate runs 0.34 percentage points higher than the national average.

Scientific nature and foresight will be taken into further consideration in future promotion of urbanization. Investment promotion projects are to be subject to more professional scientific verification so as to avoid repeated construction, relocation and dissipation.

Urban public facilities, based on the “people-oriented” concept, are also planned to be optimized. Moreover, public service systems in education, medical treatment, and culture and sports facilities will be perfected. Road gridding and traffic network are to embrace a better development, according to Chongqing Urban Planning Bureau.

As for some other aspects, industrial parks plan to focus more to gradually implement service support for staff on accommodation and medical treatment, according to Chongqing Construction Commission. At the same time, it is scheduled to be ongoing in strengthening industry, optimizing infrastructure and balancing investment & financing pattern.

Urbanization rate of population in Chongqing is projected to reach 60% and that of household registers is also expected to be 45% by 2015.

Deng Jun

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