National public practice training base settles in Ba’nan, Chongqing

As Chongqing Wuyi Technical School signed agreement to locate in Chongqing Vocational Education Town on September 16, 2012, the first national public practice training base settled in Ba’nan Vocational Education Zone.

The base covering an area of 120 mu is expected to be finished in 3 years. It is capable to accommodate 2,000 for practice training at one time as well as undertake international skill competitions. It will be the high-level technical talents nurturing base with the best facilities, the biggest size and the most functions in west China.

It is reported that the construction of the base is one of the major projects of Chongqing Wuyi Technical School’s relocation, which is supported by national finance. It is expected that the training programs there will involve 26 professions of eight categories, and is able to train 15,000 person-times annually.

Some insider said the base will step up Chongqing’s cultivating high-level technical talents and lay the foundation for local economic and social development.

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