Chongqing’s GDP hits a record high of 1 trillion yuan

Business is booming in Cuntan Port Area, Lianglu, Chongqing.

Through adjusting economic structure, changing development mode and seeking for break-through, Chongqing has kept an annual GDP growth of 12.2% for 15 years since the day on which it became a municipality, and the growth is 2.3% more than the national growth in the corresponding period.

In the 15 years, Chongqing kept adjusting the industrial structure as well as reforming the state-owned enterprises, pushing its industries to be advanced, refined and professional clusters. Thus the old industries come back to life and form a new industrial structure led by clusters of electronic information industry, automobile and its equipment manufacturing industry and integrated chemical industry, becoming a support for Chongqing’s steady economic growth.

Deng Jun

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