1.423 bln USD foreign investment of Chongqing’s enterprises

As of July 2012, Chongqing has set up 208 foreign investment enterprises, accumulatively approved 3.823 billion US dollars of foreign investment contracts and boosted a total of 1.423 billion US dollars on its foreign real investment. Chongqing speeds up the fulfillment of the strategy of “going global” and positively allocates recourses inamong the global market while bringing in foreign investment for the construction of the inland highland.

Piles of Chongqing’s enterprises energetically expand overseas markets, acquiring acquire overseas high quality enterprises, R&D institutions, marketing network and famous brands and speeding speeds up the upgrading of their core competitiveness through investment in building factories, merger & acquisition, resource exploitation and so on in recent years.

It is said that, Chongqing is striving to make the foreign investment invest hit 30 billion US dollars during the “12th Five-year Plan” periodon foreign investment, build 5 overseas agricultural production and processing bases and 8 overseas strategic resource bases and boost 100 billion yuan overseas offshore output value during the “12th Five-year Plan” period.

Ren Qiao / Deng Jun

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