13 suppliers of Philips capture market in Liangjiang New Area

Philips, the a fortune 500 enterprise, organized its suppliers to move in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area a few days ago. Thirteen suppliers, including Singapore Yeakin Plastic Industry Pte Ltd., Rui’an Hunter Hardware Tools FactoryAmtek and PI Electronics (Hong Kong) Ltd. and so on, are crowded into Liangjiang New Area in succession.

In order to make the core suppliers of Philips know well about Liangjiang New Area and seize the market capture opportunity, a two2-day docking activity was organized between Philips and Liangjiang New Area. Both sides made a detailed research and investigation towards the development environment, factor costs, international logistics channels and human resources and so on in Liangjiang New Area. Sixty percent of comprehensive factor costs of Liangjiang New Area and coastal areas, favorable logistics condition provided by Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe international through railway, early and pilot implementation development environment inof Liangjiang New Area and great potential of the development of electronic industry cluster made the 13 suppliers quickly make their determination to move into Liangjiang New Area.

According to the plan, during the “12th Five-year Plan” period, 300 billion yuan will be accumulatively investedput in electronic information industry of Liangjiang New Area. Its output value will boost 1 trillion yuan. Liangjiang New Area will focus on the building of 3 100-billion- yuan industrial clusters, including 600- billion-yuan laptopcomputers industrial cluster, 200- billion-yuan soft wares and information service industrial cluster and 100- billion-yuan communication equipment and Internet of things industrial clusternetworking. And it will strive to expand the 10-billion- yuan smart appliance industrial clusters such as smart appliances and so on.

Ren Qiao Deng Jun

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