Chongqing to embrace shopping spree at tourism festival

A number of scenic spots and enterprises in Chongqing will give a large discount to the guests and customers during the 16th China﹒Chongqing Urban Tourism Festival & 4th China﹒Chongqing Intercity Tourism Fair (the Festival & Fair) between September 7 and October 7, 2012.
Chongqing Tourism Bureau said that the main venue for the event in Yuzhong District will hold international urban travel carnival at the Festival & Fair.

The Carnival will integrate sources of eating, accommodation, transportation, travelling, shopping and entertainment and carry out activities like fashion shopping month, flavor hot pot banquet, famed urban travel, elegant dwelling in the peninsula, fashion entertainment month and stylish arts show, involving sectors such as finance, entertainment, culture and tourism.

At that time, enterprises and scenic areas including the Pacific Department Store, the Metropolitan Plaza and the Central Entertainment District in Chongqing will give a 20%-off discount to attract consumers. And citizens can also go shopping with gift coupons issued by the authority.
Besides, people can also enjoy interactive sessions like performance art and hip hop dance in the street.

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