Free education in Chongqing starts from this fall semester

The respective fee standard of education was announced by Chongqing Municipal Education Commission on August 28. Compulsory education in Chongqing would be free of charge from this fall semester, while an increasing number of districts and counties are exempting senior high school students from school fees.

Chongqing would spend nearly 120 million yuan in providing exercise books for students in compulsory education and teaching materials of seven subjects for junior high school students.

Urban students in compulsory education could voluntarily choose to pay lodging fees and service fees or not from this fall semester after schools announce the fees standard at that time.

School fees of ordinary senior high schools in Chongqing’s districts and counties are different with each other. For example, Dadukou District exempts senior students with a registered permanent residence of the district from school fees; Yuzhong District would exempt all the senior and vocational school students in the district from school fees from this fall semester, benefiting 13,000 new senior students in this autumn.

Huang Xiqin

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