Taiwan issues sea warning as Typhoon Tembin returns

Taiwan issued a sea warning on Sunday as Typhoon Tembin was expected to return towards the island, two days after it caused substantial damage to eastern and southern parts of the island.

Tembin had moved away from Taiwan since making landfall on Friday, but it appeared to be coming back under the influence of Typhoon Bolaven on Sunday.

Taiwan’s weather forecasters said that Tembin could pose a threat to the southern Taiwan Strait and other areas.

At 2 p.m. local time, Typhoon Temblin was packing winds of 126 km per hour, with gusts reaching 162 km per hour.

The winds are expected to be at their strongest on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It is possible Taiwan weather forecasters could issue a land warning as soon as Sunday evening.

According to weather forecasts, under the influence of Tembin, parts of Hengchun Peninsula on the southern tip of the island and southeastern areas in Taiwan could see heavy rains on Sunday. Some of the southern mountain areas could also see heavy rains after noon.

Local media reported that Tembin had brought heavy rains to parts of eastern and southern Taiwan in the past couple of days, causing power outages, road closures and floods in some areas.


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