Survivor of armed robbery in Chongqing dies in hospital

A survivor who was injured by the notorious serial killer Zhou Kehua during an armed robbery of a bank in southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing has died in hospital, a local hospital confirmed Thursday.

Doctors with the Chongqing Xinqiao Hospital said the victim surnamed Liao died of “multiple organ failure” Wednesday noon. He had been one of two survivors during the offence on Aug. 10.

During the robbery, Zhou shot three people — killing one on the spot — while the customers were withdrawing money at a Bank of China branch. Zhou grabbed the victim’s bags and fled via pedicab.

Liao was injured in the neck and suffered blood loss before he was sent to hospital, according to surgeons.

The serial killer, who was shot dead by police in Chongqing on Aug. 14, killed 11 people in several armed robberies since 2004.


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